A menu with the most sublime variety of International cuisine including tapas, salads, pastas, sliders and desserts. The tapas section promises the bold flavors of Crispy chips mixed with chicken strips, Messy Fries and Truffle Mac & Cheese.

Meanwhile, the salads stir your appetite with blends of fresh ingredients to be found in the Mozzarella Baby Spinach Salad, Chicken Quinoa Salad or Duck Salad and Shrimp Caesar. Other appetizingly attractive options are in the variety of pastas, particularly the Red Heaven Spaghetti, Cheesy Pesto and Multi Cheese Pasta that are imaginative and very well made.

Devour the highlights of the main dishes with choices such as Short Ribs Risotto and Duck Risotto that look quite appealing. Completing the comprehensive menu is the delectable and saccharine dessert section such as Pistachio Cheese Cake, Cream Ford Caramel or Saffron Dulce De Leche, each bringing a cacophony of sweetness. For drinks, the mocktails are bubbly and refreshing, with mentions of Blue Mojito, Pink Pina Colada and Classic Mojito.

Popular dish: Chicken Risotto

Location: Located at AlMurqab, Block 1, Abdullah AlMubarak Street, Al Kuwayt. Call: 6659 9771