Over a quarter of Kuwaitis registered with CSC still unemployed

Number of Kuwaitis newly hired to work in public sector jobs during the first six months of the year was 6,013, out of a total 8,164 applications registered with the Civil Service Commission (CSC), said the Minister of State for Economic Affairs Mariam Al-Aqeel. She added that since 1999, a total of 236,085 Kuwaitis were hired in the government sector.

Revealing other statistics on national labor, the minister said the number of citizens employed last year was 21,879, while 20,615 were hired in 2017 and 18,027 in 2016. The minister also noted that 4,582 Kuwaitis are still registered with the CSC, including 2,151 registered this year, and 2,322 registered last year, while only 99 were registered in 2017 and 10 in 2016.