PACI to outsource services through new centers

The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) is reportedly planning to open service centers that will facilitate the processes related to issuing civil IDs to expatriates.

The authority has requested the Ministry of Finance permission to open service centers, similar to the citizen centers that are available for Kuwaitis, in order to facilitate the issuing of civil IDs to expatriates.

An estimated 3.3 million expatriates from across Kuwait access the services of PACI for many procedures including data registration and to receive or renew their civil ID cards.

The authority is understood to be preparing a bid from specialized companies to operate these centers. The centers will assist expatriates to enter or update their details and upload it into the main computer network of PACI.

Pointing to some of the advantages of opening service centers, PACI said it would help reduce pressure and congestion at their main building in Surra, and ensure convenience to expatriates by extending the working hours. The service centers would be opened in strategic areas so that each center would cater to the widest geographical coverage

The company running the center would be responsible for the costs and running of the facilities, as well as collecting fixed service fees from expats, and transferring the amount to PACI.  Supervisors from PACI will also be available at the centers to ensure that the company complies with the rules and regulations.

Meanwhile, PACI added, that the authority will continue to be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of data provided by the expats and entered into their system through the service centers.