PAM imposes fines on companies forcing workers to toil under sun

The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) officials issued citations to companies whose workers were found toiling in the sun in contravention of the law that prohibits work in open areas under direct sunlight from 11am to 4pm from 1 June to 31 August.

In a sudden inspection campaign, officials from PAM visited construction sites in the new residential areas coming up in the country and found hundreds of workers being forced to work in the sun. The companies involved were immediately fined KD100 per laborer found working in the sun.

Director of the National Council for Vocational Health and Safety at PAM Nayef Al-Mutairi said 180 citations were issued in this regard since the start of enforcement of the decision. He revealed that six teams of inspectors have been formed to monitor the six governorates of Kuwait. He added that the inspection campaigns would continue to monitor and fine anyone found violating the outdoor work law.

With regard to the laborers who were found during the inspection to be also violating the residency law, Al-Mutairi said that PAM had no authority to punish them, but they will be referred to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action if they are discovered.