PAM suspends files of over 1,000 companies

Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has suspended the files of 1,600 companies undertaking government projects for failing to comply with regulations specifying that salaries of workers should be transferred to banks on time.

The Labor Inspection Department at PAM has reportedly issued code 703 on the files of these companies, has issued code 703 on these files. Field inspectors from the department have also notified the companies involved that they have 14 from the issuance of a code 703 notice to rectify their status before the company file is transferred to relevant authorities for investigation.

A representative of the authority said that PAM was keen to regulate the labor market and ensure the rights of all parties, both employers and employees, to avoid disruptions such as strikes or labor disputes.

While considering the interests of employers, PAM would not dilute the rights of workers, especially the stopping or delaying of their salaries beyond the 7th of each month that can be extended to the 10th day in the event of official holidays. The PAM source added that if any company fails to pay the salaries before the specified date, the file will be closed by code 703.