Philippine Tourism organizes first roadshow in Kuwait

Delegates from the Department of Tourism of the Philippines headed by Daks Gonzales from the Office of product and Market Development for India and Middle East, held its first tourism roadshow in Kuwait at JW Marriot Hotel in Kuwait City. Vice Consul of the Philippine Embassy Charleson Hermosura and Cultural Attache Thea Nabo graced the occasion.

On its initial launch of promotional activity in Kuwait the tourism department invited travel agents in Kuwait to highlight presentation of popular destinations that included flights, services, and essential details for travel bookers to promote to clients. Fernandez stated that the department decided to hold its first tourism roadshow in Kuwait due to rising demand from travel agents to acquire more information and details about Philippines and establish connections with Philippine-based local agencies for a possible collaboration.

A brief video presentation emphasized the remarkable scenic views of Philippines’ islands and provinces that offer competitive experiences alongside international destinations in the world. Fernandez selected several places that draw in large numbers of local and foreign tourists to the region. Delegates were present to answer queries from travel agents. Alongside Fernandez were Juanito Sayo, Tourism Operations Officer and Dwight Salac, who represented Pink Lily Travel Agency.

“This roadshow is essential for us travel agents as our clients have constantly asked for further information about Philippines, and we were unequipped with details to give to them. With this event, we are confident that we will be able to provide them with adequate information,” said Philomina S, a supervisor for Holidays of Caesars Travel International.

Travel agents also had the opportunity to raise their concerns and questions about Philippines tourism, which was answered by Fernandez. Souvenir items were handed out to travel agents and dinner immediately followed.

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer