Pompeo to travel to Kuwait for strategic dialogue

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will travel to Kuwait City to lead the US delegation for the third US­Kuwait Strategic Dialogue, focused on new areas of cooperation, the State Department announced Friday. Areas of cooperation include defense, cyber security and strengthening economic ties.

While in Kuwait, Pompeo will also meet with leaders to discuss regional issues including, “the need for GCC unity and supporting UN­led efforts toward a comprehensive political agreement among parties to end the conflict in Yemen,” a State Department memo said.Pompeo’s travels will also include stops throughout the rest of the GCC, Egypt, and Jordan from January 8 to 15.

He will begin in Amman where he will engage with leaders on regional issue including Syria and Jordan’s trade relationship with Iraq. In Egypt he will meet with leaders to discuss Iran, Gaza, counterterror, as well as economic and energy cooperation. He will also deliver a speech on US commitment “to peace, prosperity, stability, and security in the Middle East,” the statement said.

The Secretary will then travel to Bahrain to discuss bilateral cooperation and engage on “critical” regional issues such as counterterror and Iran. In Abu Dhabi, Pompeo will discuss expanding ties in trade and investment and “discuss the need for all parties to adhere to the agreements made at the Yemen talks in Sweden.

” While in Doha, the secretary will seek to enhance bilateral cooperation and discuss issues such as “Afghanistan and the importance of a united GCC in standing against the Iranian regime’s destabilizing activity and advancing peace, prosperity, and security in the region.”

In Riyadh, he plans to discuss ways to “continue bolstering UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths as he works toward a comprehensive political agreement among parties to end the conflict and realize a brighter future for Yemen,” it said.

Then in Muscat, Pompeo will meet with leaders to discuss ways to promote peace in the region and build on the US­Oman partnership and “a united GCC.” Kuwait will be the last country he visits before returning back to the US.