Possibility of multivitamins aiding in weight lose

There is still no magic pill for weight loss, but taking a multivitamin might be the secret to a slimmer you!

In a new study of more than 80 obese women in China, those who took a multivitamin once a day while continuing to eat their normal diets, lost in an average about 1.5kg over 6 months. Meanwhile, those who took a placebo lost no weight.

The findings reported in February 2010 in the International Journal of Obesity, linked vitamins and minerals to weight loss.

But scientists still are unable to figure out which vitamins and minerals exactly have the biggest influence over appetite and weight control.

Things you should know:

Calcium seems to help: Clinical trials have shown that consuming 1200 milligrams of calcium daily can boost weight loss by up to 60 percent, most probably because it binds to fat in the gastrointestinal tract, which reduces absorption of fat in the body. This works best for people who are not getting enough of this mineral.

Vitamin D deficiency contributes to weight plateau, and taking injections or pills of that vitamin boost your weight loss.

Other nutrients are also beneficial. Women In the previous Chinese study who took multivitamins also lost weight. This can be explained that when your body is low in vitamins and minerals, your appetite increases, making you eat more to replenish the nutrients you are missing.

That is why taking a daily multivitamin supplement will keep your appetite under control.

Now honestly, the best way to get these nutrients is surely from food directly. But when dieters cut back on calories, they are more likely to miss some important nutritional requirements.

Always ask a dietitian before taking any multivitamin as they might have harmful effects on your health.

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