Pretty pastel lipsticks

Like frosted makeup, knowing how to apply lighter shades–pastel lipstick specifically–will make or break the final look. In other words, you’ll either look like you stepped off a runway or stepped out the house without wiping away the crust and ash from a deep night’s sleep.

The most obvious mistake women make when attempting to wear pastel lipstick and makeup in general, they automatically grab products that are just too chalky or pale because they think that the lightest shades are the only way to pull off the mod vibe.  Thankfully, there are ways to get that soft wash of color without looking ashy or drawn out.

The first step has nothing to do with the application but with grooming. Using colors like pastels can bring lots of attention to the mouth, making things like lip hair very noticeable. First, make sure you are waxed before rocking your favorite lipstick.

Another key hack for ensuring that pastel lipstick doesn’t leave you looking ghastly is by paying closer attention to the type of finish you choose. A liquid lip color works best because this will avoid needing a touch up which can be especially unflattering when using lighter and sometimes cream-like shades of pastel. You should consider the amount of flaking that occurs with all-day wear, it’s probably the worst option for wearing a pastel shade with confidence. Instead, don’t be afraid to experiment with liquid lipsticks and glosses instead.

Also, pastel lipstick options don’t always have to be opaque in color. They can also be a luster lipstick, creamy and with just the right amount of shine that gives the lips a supple more fuller look. And when looking for a color that will compliment your skin tone, the same rules that apply to makeup in general apply here. Identify whether your undertones are cool or warm and this will determine what works for you.

If you want to try the pastel lipstick trend, but don’t want to shell out good money for a color you might not be into, make your own. Line your lips with a white (or champagne) eyeliner, then lightly tap lip color in the shade of your choice over top. Press your lips together to blend them together, neaten up the outline with your angled brush, and you have the perfect customizable pastel lipstick.

Pro tip: To make sure you don’t transfer bacteria from your eyes to lips (or vice-versa), pick a designated lips only eyeliner that you never put near your eyeballs.