Pretty pastels

Pastel colors are the obsession of all feminine girls, who enjoy romantic colors such as milk caramel, velvety peach, pale pink, powdery mint, banana, guava, lavender and baby blue. These shades instantly cheer you up and turn any look into a chic one.  However, many women find that incorporating pastels to their wardrobes can seem a little tricky. Here are just a few fashion tips on how to wear pastels.

Stick to minimalism: When choosing pastel clothing pieces, you have to be guided by minimalism style, go for pieces with clean and sharp lines, which will place the emphasis on the design of the garments rather than the pastel shades. If you can’t do without ruffles and lots of details, you would be better off picking sculptural forms to add a bit of drama to your ensemble.

With neutrals: Do not be afraid to mix pastel colors with neutral ones. Beige and coffee shades will help you balance the girly nature of pastels. The color also goes well with gray and cream tones.

Pastel color blocking: Pastel colors complement each other well, so mix and match more than two pastel shades for a chic look. The color-blocking will not work with clothes featuring too complicated cuts, details and draperies. Unlike the color-blocking rules of brighter tones, there are less strict rules to follow.  Bring together four pastel tones in a single look and add a bright accessory for contrast.

With brights: For a vibrant ensemble, pair pastel colors with brighter tones. This way you’ll also reduce the exaggerated sweetness of pastels by shifting focus to the brighter colors. For instance, think mint green pants matched with a bright green blazer topping a simple white tee.

With prints: Nothing beats snazzy print and patterned pieces, especially when those patterns feature pastel tones. For instance, you can wear a pastel lilac blouse with a white skirt featuring peach and lilac abstract print, which makes the ensemble more put together. However, do avoid floral patterns as this tends to look a bit old-fashioned. Instead, give preference to modern spin and go for garments that feature minimal and abstract patterns.

Monochrome pastel looks: Pick a single pastel shade for your entire outfit, which will not only make you look slim but give you a level of elegance. To jazz it up, choose creative accessorizing details or experiment with volumes and textures to create interest.

Fade away: There are a ton of dip-dyed, ombre pastel effects on clothing to style outfits that look so amazing.

With leather: The rocker chic look is just as lovely as the sweet and innocent one that pastels evoke. This can easily be achieved by adding on some leather to ease the femininity, while also ensuring that the edginess has a softer side to play with. When worn with neutral colored leather, you can also achieve more professional designs.

Bold pastels: Whether it is a bold pastel print or a metallic hue, playing it up in the coloring is only going to help your final result. Heavy satins, brushed metallics, and other fabrics with a high shine make pastels look futuristic and edgy.