Protestors and placards back on Erada Square

A demonstration sanctioned by the authorities took place in Erada Square on Wednesday evening, with scores of protestors holding placards arriving in the area after dusk.

The demonstration, held under the slogan ‘The story has become silly enough’ was called for by former parliamentarian Saleh Al-Mulla through his Twitter account drew around one hundred citizens and Beidoun residents along with a few former lawmakers and activists.

Some of the protestors were holding placards with the same demands that were raised during protests held nearly eight years ago, including to end corruption, to write off loans, and to grant citizenship to Beidouns.

Among the slogans raised by demonstrators was the oft-repeated calls for resignation of the government, dissolution of the National Assembly and for fresh election to be held. Aging, veteran opposition leader, ex-MP and former National Assembly Speaker Ahmed Al-Sa’adoun, described the protests as a reflection of the anger of people towards both the government and the National Assembly.

The organizer of the demonstrations, former MP Al-Mulla said that citizens were fed up of the widespread corruption and that the political environment must be cleaned up, before starting to solve the problems and respond to demands of citizens.

Of course, what would any demonstration be without its share of expatriate bashing. One protestor asked how expatriates were able to easily change their visit visa to work visa in order to work in Kuwait, while many highly qualified citizens were jobless.