Recruitment of domestic helpers only for citizens

The newly appointed president of Al-Durrah Domestic Labor Recruitment Company, Fahad Al-Qashti has announced that the recruitment of domestic helpers will be limited to citizens and that applications from expatriates will no longer be accepted

The surprise decision has left many expatriate families struggling to find alternatives to Al-Durrah, which is the officially recognized company tasked with bringing in foreign domestic helpers to Kuwait.

Al-Qashti said that he was compelled to take this decision because of the shortage in supply of domestic workers from foreign countries, compared to the high demand for such workers in the country.

He stressed that Al-Durrah is keen to provide the most suitable offers to citizens looking to hire domestic workers at reasonable costs. He also disclosed that at present most of the offers for domestic helpers came from only two countries — India and the Philippines — and that the company would approach other countries in the future.

Furthermore, Al-Qashti revealed that he is currently studying the profit and loss accrued by the company under the previous management, and that he would assess the performance of each department of the company to streamline processes and ensure justice in terms of access to rights and equal distribution of work.

He clarified that Al-Durra’s main objectives are to eliminate the monopolistic practices and exaggerated recruitment costs, correct the path of the labor market and restore confidence in it, overcome all the obstacles in the recruitment procedures, achieve speed of work and accomplishments, and create healthy relations between employers and workers.