Reinvent your center parting

The basis of any hairstyle is the center parting. No one can deny the timeless and flattering appeal of a middle part — but sometimes, loving a classic too much can lead to a hair rut. Feel like switching things up? Here are some tips for fresh inspiration.

Double up on accessories: Double up on the barrette and middle part trends by framing a center part with trendy hair clips placed right above the ears. It’s flattering and just the right amount of retro (and best finished with coordinating earrings).

Pretty pigtails: Give your scalp a break from boxer braids and try low braided pigtails paired with a crisp center part. The beauty is in the details, with part of the hair covering the ears and the braids starting right behind the ears.

Top twist: Fall in love with the top knot again by parting your hair down the very center and spinning the lengths into a gravity-defying loop. Bumps go with the territory, but they’re OK.

Random placement: Stop stressing about getting every hair perfectly in place in a middle part. Likewise, quit agonizing over where to place your barrettes. Once the part is reasonably in the center of the head, clip shimmering barrettes in a cluster on one side of the face. Finish with one random, asymmetrical clip on the opposite side, et voilà.

Chic cover up: Bad hair day? Not with this easy hair hack. The sharp center part gives the illusion of well-behaved, clean hair, while the head scarf helps hide unruly locks.

Half updo, half part: Who says that the part has to be brought all the way back? Give the impression of bangs by parting the first couple of inches of hair from the forehead. Leave lengths loose and sweep the rest of strands back into a half updo. The hairstyle would also work great with longer bangs.

Sky-high pony: A high-as-can-be ponytail, with a few loose front layers to soften the look. It’s a little less stressful on the scalp.

Victory rolls: Manage frizz and get locks out of eyes with a gelled retro twist hairstyle. The center part keeps it elegant while the sleek finish and uneven placement modernize the throwback hairstyle

Supremely sleek: We talk about trying wet-look hairstyles all the time, but never end up doing them. Change that. Very sleek lengths highlight a dead-center part. If hair is long, fasten ends into a low bun.