Revamp your look

Get a brand-new look by revamping your outfits with a few strategic styling hacks. Maybe it’s something as simple as changing up the way you drape a jacket, layering a dress, or the shoes you style with a certain outfit. Maybe it’s embracing a totally new trend. In any case, these small switch-ups can have a huge impact on how you look. Here are some tips to change the way you play around with your style.

Embrace brights: Swap out your neutrals for some high-impact color. If you’re really feeling it, go for bright colors on a dress or a head-to-toe look. Otherwise, start small with a flash of color on a bag or shoes. Wearing bright colors is a sure way of exuding confidence, energy and youth. The best way to flaunt your bright pink purse or that electric red blouse is to pair them with subdued colours that will shy away from the attention the bold colour is attracting. A pop of bold colour also ensures that you look striking, but not over-the-top.

You don’t always have to limit yourself to an outfit featuring only one bold colour. Colour block or patterned dresses, for example, help to fuse several shocking colours together to create an arresting look

Wear denim alternatives: Give your jeans the day off, but embrace denim in all of its cool silhouettes, like a tailored jacket or skirt. Cheer yourself up with an embroidered jacket, from hearts to bouquets of flowers, there’s something for everyone. Another amazing trend is the pearl embellished denim that is perfect for those who prefer elegance.

Fringed skirts are a good addition to your wardrobe as this added detail gives even the simplest skirt a flirty touch.

Let your socks steal the show: Don’t underestimate how cool a pair of socks can look peeking out from your sneakers, brogues, and even heels. Add a bit of sparkle to your look with glitter ankle socks or metallic embellished socks, or how about going for sheer mesh socks that look great with colorful mules.

For a style that makes a bold statement, opt for socks in a bold color or print.  Those fascinated with romantic style, tulle socks in pink are the best choice. Get an updated look with floral knee-high socks to play up your style of fun and flirty.

Embrace daytime shine:  Sequined tops look great with boyfriend jeans and sequined skirts can be dressed down with a sweatshirt or graphic top. A knee-length dress with a swirling of sequins will look appropriate with the right outerwear such as slouchy jackets or blazers.

Another good purchase is a long blazer coat embellished with a gathering of sequins you can wear often and with everything. You can also work a sequined turtleneck with a pencil skirt, or denim on your day off.

Rework your button-down shirt: Button-downs have long been staples in our closet and they are so easy to rework. Layer yours with a vest or a crop top, let a longer hemline peek out from a sweater, or belt it to take it to a totally different place. Work with the oversized quality of your shirt by layering it with a long dress gathered at the waist. Another great idea is to introduce some extra menswear influence to your outfit by pairing a button-down with an oversized corduroy blazer or suit.