Royal Terrasse

Has distinguished itself by stressing on freshness of its ingredients, and expertly executing international cuisines.  Its fusion menu boasts imaginative and inspired food that incorporates elements of Indian, Italian and Mexican cuisines.

The breakfast section encompasses a wide selection of dishes from American, English, Italian, Arabic, Spanish and Mexican cuisine. You will have a hard time deciding between the Italian Seafood cheese crackers or the Mexican Tenderloin baked egg.

What sets apart its Starter menu is the inclusion of the Tawa Grilled Prawn, Pandan Chicken, Kebab Platter and Italian Skewers. The Royal Terrasse Starters Combo is also very gratifying, laden with cheese balls, onion rings, camembert bites and chicken tenders served with different kinds of sauces.

There are a couple of vegetarian options such as their Vegan Salisbury Steak, or you can try their range of crunchy salads like Avocado Salad, and Mediterranean Quinoa Salad. The most flavor-some classic Arabic dishes are way better here with Majboos, Harees and Motabak.

Discover Indian cuisine with the standout versions of Rogan Josh, Jhinga Tawa Masala, and King Prawn Tsinghai.

The staples of Pan Asian Cuisine is done right with a pleasing combination of richness and delicacy, most noteworthy the Chili Mango Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Sautéed giant prawns with garlic and chili and Kaeng Phad Kai Mix Seafood.

End your savory adventure with several dessert choices from the mouthwatering Cheese Cake to the Puddings.

Popular dish: Volcanic Shrimp, shrimp doused in a special spicy sauce made with habanero peppers, Dijon mustard and turmeric.

Location: Located at Hamad Al-Mubarak St, Salmiya. Call: +965 25757446 / +965 64416807