Saudi Arabia does not want war in region – Saudi CP

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman said that the Kingdom does not want a war in the region, yet stressed that it “will not hesitate in dealing with any threat against our people, sovereignty and vital interests.

“Our priority is the national interests through the objectives of 2030 vision of the Kingdom, which requires a stable and stimulating environment in the region,” he told the Sharq Awsat (Middle East) newspaper in an interview.

He affirmed that the Kingdom’s role in supporting stability and peace, which is the approach taken since its establishment, always seeks to renounce discrimination, sectarianism and extremism, as well as preserving unity and stability of the region and international peace. He added that the Kingdom also plays an important role in the international community through its efforts to ensure that oil supplies pass through vital routes with the aim of protecting the stability of the global economy.

“We see how the Iranian regime and its proxies have carried out sabotage operations against four oil tankers near Fujairah port. Two of the tankers were Saudi. This confirms the approach followed by this regime in the region and the entire world,” he added.

The Saudi heir apparent noted, “We had hoped the Iranian regime would have taken advantage to change its behavior towards the countries in the region but they misused the economic benefits of the nuclear deal.” He clarified that “this is why the Kingdom supported the reimposition of US sanctions on Iran, also take the necessary measures to limit the regime’s ability to spread chaos and destruction in the whole world”.