Savor the authentic flavors of Kuwait at Amiti Noura

Amiti Noura, a contemporary dining destination, presents guests with a culinary journey into the traditional Kuwaiti kitchen and home. The restaurant has opened its doors at The Souk, The Avenues, and invites diners to enjoy a taste of classic Kuwaiti home flavors. Developed and operated by Alshaya Group, Amiti Noura, which translates to ‘Aunt Noura’, pays homage to authentic local recipes and reflects the country’s spirit of hospitality.

Inspired by these traditions, guests at Amiti Noura are promised a journey that captures this generosity. Warm Kuwaiti hospitality is paired with a contemporary and chic ambiance, to create an amiable dining destination that allows for the nourishment of the soul.

The modern welcoming ambiance of Amiti Noura is created through a soft fusion of subtle and earthy tones and distinct decor that captures Kuwait’s heritage. Amiti Noura brings friends and families together for heart-warming meals that reflect the comfort and traditions of a Kuwaiti home kitchen.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner, guests will discover a wide choice of classic home-style dishes that are defined by family recipes and offer a unique combination of distinct flavors and spices. Breakfast specials are served with Tanoor and Regag bread while classic staples like Hamsat and Sambusa are served all day long. Lunch and dinner options feature a wide selection of chicken, meat and seafood dishes, while the delicious range of desserts includes classics like Sab Al Gafsha and Lgaimat.

Location: Located at The Souk at The Avenues.

Timings: From 9:00 am and 11:30 pm on weekdays and until 12 midnight on weekends.

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