Security of nation, top priority for MoI

Ministry of Interior (MoI) places the security and stability of the country at the top of its priorities, said Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Lt. Gen. Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah, in response to comments by some lawmakers.

In reply to a proposal by MP Muhammad Hayef to establish a department of external guard posts covering the land, islands and travel routes, the minister said that strong coordination already existed between the various sectors of the ministry in order to safeguard security and safety.

He added that the MoI spares no effort in the area of security, safety, and stability throughout the country, including land areas, islands, travel routes and external roads.

Another lawmaker Riyadh Al-Adasani had commented that the security agencies were not prepared to deal with security issues and cited the case of the drone which penetrated Kuwait unnoticed. While his colleague, MP Abdullah Al-Kandari asked the Interior Minister to provide details about the alleged dismissal of the head of a prominent security apparatus.

He revealed that according to media reports, the official was dismissed for covering up and supporting the activities of a foreign cell. Al-Kandari asked why the government has neither confirmed nor denied the authenticity of the news in question. The parliamentarian said if the news report is true, the government must give details of the incident to the House.