Sensational trouser suits

Trouser suits are sleek and on-trend, and offer up a smorgasbord of color options as well as a variety of leg lengths and widths. There are suits to match every style, whether you’re into pastels or bold colors, prints or textures. Here is how to wear the best trouser suits.

Neutrals: Far from boring, neutral suits such as browns, greys or blacks, can pack a serious punch. Steer clear of skinny, overly-tailored cuts and instead opt for looser-fit styled with wide-leg trousers and boxy shoulders for a more modern edge.

Keep it simple, minimal and monochrome by pairing your trouser suit with a shirt of the same colour.

Alternatively, you can focus on suits that have a bit of eye-catching embellishments that show you are a trendsetter. For example, pick a clean-cut black blazer featuring corset lace-ups on each side for an audacious and quirky look.

Brights: If you’re looking for a suit with a bit more oomph, there’s no denying the power of a primary-coloured number. Right now you can’t really go wrong shade wise, with fuchsia, grass green and Sunny-D orange, all entirely viable and utterly chic options.

A pretty shade is guaranteed to have you looking for any opportunity to bust out in a longline blazer and culotte combo. Up the ante on the trend by incorporating a waistcoat into your ensemble.

Prints: If you’re feeling bold and adventurous, dabble in a print. Checks, stripes, polka dots or even horse-motif-emblazoned are quite literally amazing options. Perfect for a fancy party or even as an alternative to the saturated pool of guest in party dresses, they can also be dressed down for a weekend away with a high-neck tee and trainers. A cinched waist, bold print, and streamlined silhouette will exude confidence no matter what the day throws your way.

Nothing is better than a playful floral print that will lift your spirits and earn you some extra style cred with your work crew.

Hit refresh on your summer work wardrobe with a striped linen suit that’s equal parts polished and carefree. Minimalist white sneakers will amplify the getup’s casually cool edge.

Pastels: For spring, embrace trouser suits in pastels; ditch the boring hues in favour of seasonal sugary tones. Think pastel pink, lavender, pistachio ice-cream green and buttercup yellow, your options are endless. Pick a lilac suit trouser with a much looser fit or opt for a head-to-toe violet two-piece in relaxed linen. One of the most chic ways to wear yours is to stick to one colour scheme from head to toe for a tidy and pulled together look. Say the luscious hues of pastel blue melded with the hints of flowiness from a long loose-fit blazer creates an irresistible loose-fitting, chic look.

However, because of their powdery finish you can also get away with mixing up pastel colours. Consider colour blocking yours with mismatched trousers and jackets, or even by slipping a contrasting top underneath a tonal two-piece.