Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah to fund annual scholarships to Kuwaiti, Arab youth

Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah to fund annual scholarships to Kuwaiti, Arab youth.

Sheikh Mubarak Al­-Sabah said Abdullah Al-­Mubarak Al­-Sabah Foundation would fund annual scholarships to young Kuwaiti and Arab men And women, in cooperation with “The Mansion House” of the City of London Scholarship Scheme.

Sheikh Mubarak Al­-Sabah said in a statement to KUNA that this came during a recent visit to the Kuwait by Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alderman Peter Estlin, and his accompanying delegation. He said that Abdullah Al­-Mubarak Al­-Sabah Foundation is sponsoring a new scholarship program for young Kuwaiti and Arab nationals, in cooperation with the City of London Mansion House Scholarship Scheme.

The Abdullah Al­Mubarak Foundation will provide grants to enable Kuwaiti and Arab scholars to pursue their studies in the United Kingdom. This annual joint scholarship program by Abdullah Al­Mubarak Al­Sabah Foundation and the Mansion House of the City of London will enable two high­achieving Kuwaiti and Arab professionals, a female and a male, to complete and pursue their graduate studies covering various fields at leading British universities, he said.

The two organizations have long­track history on promoting educational initiatives. In 1998, Dr. Souad Al­Sabah established the Abdullah Al­Mubarak Al­Sabah Foundation for sponsoring British­Kuwait Friendship Society Book Prize.

The Prize is awarded yearly for books of academic excellence with special consideration for those that serve to increase understanding of Islam and the Middle East among a wider English­speaking readership with focus on the United Kingdom.

The Mansion House Scholarship Scheme founded in 1997 by the office of the Lord Mayor of the City of London, helps to fund scholarships for students and young business executives from overseas to travel to the United Kingdom to study or to undertake training or work experience in the financial services sector.

And, the Lord Mayor of the City of London and the accompanying delegation visited the White Palace, meeting Dr. Souad Al­-Sabah and Sheikh Mubarak Abdullah Al-­Mubarak Al­Sabah. Sheikh Mubarak Al­-Sabah commented by saying: “The objective of this scholarship program is empowering young Kuwaiti and Arab students and scholars with a broad base of knowledge preparing them as next generation of leaders in the global world”.

Source: KUNA