South African Embassy announces voter registration

Voter registration for South African citizens living abroad in Kuwait City on 1 to 2 February, 2019. Voter registration for South African citizens is continuous, including for those based abroad. Registration abroad takes place at South Africa’s 120 foreign missions, including the Embassy in Kuwait City, during office hours.

However, a special two-day voter registration event for South African citizens in Kuwait City will take place at the South African Embassy, State of Kuwait; Villa No. 3, House No 91, Street 1, Block 1, Block 10,  Salwa. Will take place on the 1 and the 2 February, 2019.

All South Africa citizens aged 16 and older and in possession of an official South African identity document (either a green barcoded ID book, a smartcard ID or a temporary ID certificate) as well as a valid South African passport are eligible to register as voters.