South African embassy to mark Nelson Mandela Day

The South African embassy will celebrate Nelson Mandela Day, which was launched on Nelson Mandela’s birthday, 18 July, in 2009 via a decision by the UN General Assembly. This year marks the tenth anniversary of Nelson Mandela Day, commemorated under the theme: ‘Action against poverty’ with sub themes: ‘Take Action. Inspire Change’. ‘Make Every Day A Mandela Day’.

The event is aimed at celebrating President Mandela’s life and legacy, honour his life’s work and inspire individuals and communities to take action to change the world for the better. The idea is to observe the call for the 67 minutes of voluntary service initiative by providing humanitarian support to local organisation(s) taking care of the disabled, orphans, elderly, etc. in line with the Nelson Mandela International Day initiative.

Nelson Mandela is considered one of the world’s most significant moral and principled champions for freedom and democracy. He was very instrumental in the leadership collective of the liberation movement that fought for freedom and democracy in South Africa. More importantly, Nelson Mandela is internationally revered as an icon in the fight for justice, human rights, non-racialism, national reconciliation and nation building. In order to preserve his visionary legacy, South Africans and the international community celebrate Nelson Mandela Day every year in promoting his enduring values of justice and progressive internationalism.