Special thanks for the Gaja Cyclone Relief Support

People living in Kuwait from the Delta region in Tamil Nadu would like to express their gratitude, appreciation and thanks to Dr. Leema Rosa Martin, Dr. Meena Jayakumar and Dr. Radha Bellen for the help they rendered to those affected by the Gaja cyclone, which recently devastated the Delta region.

The Gaja cyclone claimed numerous lives in the Delta district and many people were forced out from their homes into relief camps.  Several NGOs, civil society organizations, voluntary groups and individuals stepped in to render help to those affected by the cyclone by donating their valuable time, effort and contributions to support the people of the Delta region.

Dr. Leema Rosa Martin, is a Director of the Martin Group of Companies that includes the Martin Homoeopathy Medical College & Hospital, Coimbatore. Her commitment toward upliftment of the poor and underprivileged has driven her to do lot of social work.  Dr. Leema, individually donated to Rs5 Crore to the Chief Minister Relief Fund for the Gaja relief affected areas while also directly contributing around Rs3 crore worth of materials to the affected people.

Dr. Meena Jayakumar, Chairman, ‘Aalam Vizhuthugal Arakkattalai’ charity has for years been helping those in need. Whenever she is seeing a poor or sick person or someone in a distress situation, she swings into action to extend a helping hand in whatever way possible. She has extended her help to the people affected by the Gaja cyclone by providing tarpaulin sheets, bedsheets, dresses, sanitary napkins, groceries, food and other essentials.

Dr. Radha Bellon is running a charity called ‘Greener Coimbatore’ through which she has been planting trees in and around Coimbatore. In addition to the tree-planting drive, she is involved in social services and has mobilized food and other essentials and arranged for their distribution to needy people in the cyclone devastated areas.

A big thanks to all the people who lend their support in helping people affected by Gaja cyclone.