Speed up your makeup routine

In a world where mere minutes separate getting to your destination on time and a particularly hellish commute, it’s often necessary to speed up your makeup routine in order to get out the door. A quick routine doesn’t mean sacrificing a put-together look (although a cut-crease may have to wait) and a few minutes is all you need to create a simple but chic beat and only requires a few quick swaps in your routine.  Here are some best quick makeup tips.

Go back to basics: You don’t always have to go full-force with your makeup, especially on low-impact days. Sometimes, sticking to a few key items will do the trick and get you out the door in minutes. Don’t feel like you have to apply everything all at once, instead create a five-minute makeup routine only involving your key essentials: tinted moisturizer, mascara, blush, concealer, and a lip product. The end result is a fresh face that looks effortlessly chic and put together.

Invest in a BB or CC Cream: In the world of multitasking beauty products, BB and CC creams are the best. These magical products really are amazing in those rushed, manic mornings. Not only do they provide skincare benefits, but they also give you coverage, saving you the extra step of throwing on foundation.

Multipurpose eye pencils work wonders: Eyes and brows can be quite the time suck, especially when you have to rummage through your makeup stash for the 20 products it takes to get the job done. To save time, work with a two-toned eye pencil — one for the brows and one for the eyes. You can also find a one-stop-shop formula that works as both an eyeliner and brow pencil.

Pick an eye shadow palette that takes the guesswork out of getting ready: To avoid wasting your time with eye shadow color choices, go for a color palette with designated colors for your eyelid, crease, and brow bone. That way you can do up your eyes in a second without even thinking about what shades go well together. Then, wet an eyeliner brush and swipe it over the darkest shadow and use that as your eyeliner.

Reach for tinted balm: Sometimes choosing a lipstick can be a time-consuming process. And when you’re already running behind, time is not a luxury you have. Keep a tinted lip balm in your purse for those rushed mornings. Pick a shade that will give you a versatile hint of color and work with any outfit.

Go bold in one spot: Want to make an impact in five seconds? Focus your efforts unabashedly on one feature. Try a bright coral lipstick, jet black liquid liner, or a bright pink blush. Choosing one strong accent is like pairing an amazing necklace with a simple dress. You’re ready in just one step.

Plan ahead:  Create a makeup look to go with your outfit or whatever function you are attending so you can jump right into your routine the next day. Go the extra mile by having your products out and ready to be applied before you hit the hay.