Indian actor-politician comes to aid of stranded Indian maid in Kuwait

Actor and newly-elected Indian parliamentarian Sunny Deol has rescued a 45-year-old woman who had stranded in Kuwait after allegedly being sold as a slave to a Pakistani man working here.

Veena Bedi, the stranded woman, was reportedly conned into accepting a job in Kuwait as a domestic helper for a salary equivalent to Rs30,000 per month. However, in reality, the lady was sold to a Pakistani man working in Kuwait for an undisclosed sum.

On hearing news of the woman’s plight, Sunny Deol the Bharatiya Janata Party’s MP from Gurdaspr in Punjab, personally intervened and promptly contacted the ministry of external affairs.

As a result of efforts by the external affairs ministry working in collaboration with the Indian embassy in Kuwait, and with support from two non-governmental organizations (NGO), one of which is active in Kuwait, Ms. Bedi was rescued and reunited with her family on Friday.