Suad Al-Sabah publishing House felicitates winners in India

Suad Al-Sabah Publishing and Distribution House distributed awards to winners competing in fields of Arabic poetry, writing and sermon at Farook College in Calicut city, India.

The international workshop, titled ‘Reading Arabic Language and Literature; A Functional Approach’, was organized by the Department of Arabic Studies at Farook College, in collaboration with Ansar Arabic College, Suad Al-Sabah Publishing and Distribution House said in a statement in Kuwait Wednesday.

Dozens of students competed, varying in topics of Arab, Islam and Indian issues. First place was Heba Rashid, who won in the field of Arabic sermon, second came Mohammad Komat and thirdly Shadia Sebi. In the Poetry section, first place was Mohammad Shafee, second was Mohammad Sinan, followed by Mohammad Ansarki, and in Master studies, first place went to Mohammad Azhar and second was Bashnin Al-Huda. Dr. Al-Sabah is a Kuwaiti poet and writer who is recognized for her cultural, literary and intellectual contributions.