Survey shows what kids want to do during holidays

In this age and time when everything gets a cloak of authenticity when draped by research, surveys or opinion polls, it appears there is even a survey to show that children need holidays and what they prefer during vacation. Soon, we can expect to find researchers publishing papers and conducting surveys to prove that children love chocolates, or that they are fond of ice cream; maybe even a survey on how children enjoy playing with toys, or are engrossed by digital screens.

Anyway, back to the survey conducted in Kuwait to inform parents on what their children love to do during the holidays.

A growing number of parents in Kuwait are prioritising family vacations and taking their kids on different adventures, driven by the desire to spend a greater amount of time with their children, all whilst discovering new countries and cultures, reads the write-up on the survey.

The new survey conducted on behalf of holiday destination Yas Island in Abu Dhabi offers absolutely essential advice for the 79 percent of Kuwaiti parents who say their children are the biggest influencing factor whilst planning the perfect holiday.

The survey finds, surprise, kids just want to get out and about. The top three activities that kids in Kuwait listed was going to water parks (82%) and travelling (75%), followed by going to theme parks, going to the beach and finding new things to do (all 88%).

The things kids like most about their summer holidays were rated as going to exciting places (53%) and more time with their family (29%) and more playtime (29%).

If they could pick one place to go on summer holiday, 30 percent said somewhere close to nature and 15 percent picked somewhere by the sea, with a similar number thinking they would like to go somewhere cold (15%).

And as the preferred travel companion, Mum was the most popular amongst Kuwaiti children (72%), followed by siblings (67%) and Dad (54%).

[Kudos mom! And, dad, keep paying up, you may improve your rating.]

Incidentally, in case you were not aware, Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island provides fun for all the family. With their ‘Kids Go Free’ offer running until 30th September, the UAE hotspot is absolutely perfect for parents this summer. Featuring two thrilling theme parks, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, and the famous Yas Waterworld waterpark, families will be wondering how to fit it all in.