TAKREEM Foundation selects this year’s laureates

TAKREEM held its annual Jury Board Meeting in London to select this year’s Laureates whose names are to be disclosed during the Foundation’s upcoming annual Awards Ceremony next November.

The Jury Board meeting, chaired by Dr. Paul Salem, was followed by a dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel. During the dinner, a tribute was paid to the memory of HRH Princess Banderi bint Abdulrahman bin Faisal AlSaud, who left us 2 months ago at a very young age.

HRH Princess Banderi was the Chief Executive Officer of the King Khalid Foundation and one of TAKREEM’s esteemed Jury Board members. HRH Prince Saud bin AbdulRahman bin Faisal AlSaud received the special distinction from Professor Sir Magdy Yacoub and HRH Princess Alia Tabbaa.

A change-maker and a philanthropic leader, HRH Princess Banderi worked in the field of civil society, and social and economic development pioneering important issues such as building the civil society in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and providing equal economic opportunities for marginalized communities,

for over twenty years. Under her leadership, King Khalid Foundation influenced policies related to poverty eradication, anti-domestic violence and social protection as well as worked on the Vision2030 National Transformation Program initiative to establish the National Centre for Non-Profit Sector Development. HRH Princess Banderi was also actively engaged in global policy and development discussions – she was a member of the 2019 Civil20 steering committee in Japan (part of the G20) and has represented and reported on behalf of Saudi Arabia at the 2018 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) High Level Political Forum as well as the 62nd Meeting of the Commission on Status of Woman at the United Nations.

The evening also included a panel discussion titled ‘They are shaping the world’s agenda’, tackling the important role women played as actors of change and by drawing attention to new ways, ideas, and best practices in male-dominated sectors. The panel gathered Barclays’ Karen Frank, CNN’s Nina Dos Santos, and the politician and humanitarian Fadumo Dayib; it was moderated by businessman Khaled Janahi.

TAKREEM’s Jury Board includes Dr. Ahmed Heikal, Lady Hayat Palumbo, HRH Princess Alia Tabbaa, HE Sheikha Paula Al Sabah, Mr. Khaled Janahi, Mr. Abdul Hamied Ahmed Seddiqi, Ms. Paula Al Askari, Ms. Fadumo Dayib, Mr. Emile Haddad, Mr. Shwan Taha, Mr. Rafik Ben Ayed, Mr. Raja Sidawi, Ms. Maha Kaddoura, HE Dr. Hilal Al Sayer and, HE Dr. Farida Allaghi.

For the past decade, TAKREEM Foundation has been honoring Arab achievers who have excelled in their field and inspired others in their quest for cultural, educational, scientific, environmental, humanitarian, social and economic excellence.

TAKREEM highlights and promotes a favorable Arab identity that counters the negative narratives eclipsing the Arab world and welcomes all individuals or institutions, irrespective of gender, religion, or origin.

For more information, please visit our website www.takreem.org