Thara Al Bait

The Kuwaiti restaurant offers a host of traditional local dishes of chicken, meat, and seafood.  Satisfying your craving for tasty chicken, find such menu items including Chicken Mandi,  Chicken Machboos and Chicken Maklouba, where the seasoning make the melding of rice and meat taste so good.

In addition, the meat options including Meat Mandi, Meat Machboos or Meat Biryani, showcase tantalizing meat cooked very well. Those interested in seafood, the delectable seafood options such as Mutabaq Zabeedi or Mrbeyen will overwhelm you with their deliciousness. Add a crunchy and a healthy salad to your meal such as Tarka Albeit Salad, Tabbouleh, and Cress Salad. To experience the tender meat of sheep, Quozi should be on your mind, for the choices bring you half of the Arabic cooked sheep meat accompanied by bread, soup and maaboug.

The drink section is plenty appealing when you need refreshments, such as awwar elqaleb juice, lemon with mint juice or cocktail juice.

Popular dish: Mrbeyen
Location: At Al-Arbeed Center Complex, Dajeej. Call: 24330066