The Times holds presentation at American Creative Academy

Children should develop an early Reading Culture

The Times Kuwait held a presentation at the American Creativity Academy (Salmiya) on the benefits of developing the habit of reading newspaper among children at an early age. Srikanth Reddy, Marketing Manager, The Times Kuwait demonstrated to the students of American Creativity Academy that a newspaper in its basic form contains news and comments on issues and events happening across the globe.

The second grade students supervised by Nivi Irusan, the 2A Homeroom teacher of the school displayed a commendable eagerness to know more about news and newspapers. The presentation emphasized the importance of reading newspapers daily and highlighted the benefits from this daily habit, including increasing knowledge about the world, learning to use language skillfully, improving vocabulary, enhancing concentration and igniting imagination.

The 22 students of the class who attended the presentation are: Abdulrahman Abdulmalek, Hussain Abdulsalam, Salman Al Amir, Faisal Al Baker, Ali Al Beirouty, Faisal Al Busairi, Abdulrahman Al Dawod, Ali Al Ibrahim, Alhareth Al Jasem, Othman Al Khlaifi, Meshal Al Mudhhi, Bader Al Refai, Hamed Al Roshoud, Ahmad Al Rumaihi, Saleh Al Sabah, Yousef AL Shumaimry,  Khalid Al Sijari, Yousef Ali,  Jamal El Khatib, Amir Ali Rastabi, Qassem Serhan, and Saqer Zowed. 

With the advent of technology, especially the widespread use of the internet, there has been a steady drift in the way news is being transmitted and received, and as a result there has been a paradigm shift in readers away from print and towards the digital screen. In a query about the sustainability of printed newspapers in a world going digital, Mr. Reddy stressed that the newspapers were finding it difficult to recover even the cost of production from a subscription model, and were increasingly turning to advertisements as a source of revenue. The presenter clarified that Kuwait’s premier weekly news magazine, The Times Kuwait, has also joined the digital trend with its online content portal At the end of the presentation, copies of The Times Kuwait were distributed among the students to instil in them the newspaper reading habit.