Thousands of new garbage containers earmarked for Farwaniya

Farwaniya Municipality branch is set to distribute more than 10,000 garbage containers across the governorate as part of a new cleanliness campaign by the municipality’s Public Cleaning and Road Works Department. As part of the cleanliness campaign the municipality is also reported to have issued 388 citations for various cleanliness-related violations.

Acting Director of Public Cleaning and Road Works Department and Director of Follow-up at the Municipality Service Department in the governorate Saad Al-Khurainej said the department has set a timetable to distribute the containers. The garbage containers would be distributed within two months to cover all the districts of the governorate, including Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Al- Hassawi. The renewed emphasis on cleanliness comes in the wake of the recent signing of cleaning contracts with new companies.

He added that as per the contract they signed, the previous cleaning companies are allowed to withdraw their garbage containers only two months after the end of their contract. He indicated that the cleaning centers in the branch are ready to provide the containers to cover the shortage or in case of loss of containers.

He disclosed the plastic containers are manufactured according to strict standards for use by the cleaning companies and are not meant for personal use. In a related context, Al-Khurainej pointed out that all centers of the province continue to intensify its campaigns to improve the level of cleanliness, especially as the Municipality pays great attention to hygiene in all areas of Kuwait.

He pointed out that the municipality inspectors have dealt with all complaints they received on the hotline at 139 or through the municipality’s official social media sites. Elaborating on the citations issued so far, Al-Khurainej revealed that 238 citations were issued in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Al-Hassawi areas — 82 for lack of public cleanliness, 69 against road works, 71 against street vendors, and 16 violations related to violation of Law 9/1987.

Meanwhile, the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh Hygiene Center, in collaboration with Jleeb Al- Shuyoukh Police Station, recently carried out an extensive campaign against hawking and random markets in Hassawi during which some laborers who were selling meat were arrested. The campaign was held based on instructions from the Director of Public Hygiene to intensify inspection campaigns and institute legal procedures against violators.