Tips to trim your eyebrows

You have most likely taken a stab at trimming your own brows — but do you really know the best technique to get the job done? Ahead, here is the best way to cut your eyebrows, plus mistakes to avoid and the tools you’ll need.

Why should people trim their eyebrows?

Trimming allows you to have a maybe moment. Sometimes, when you’re doing your own hair removal, it’s yes or no — yes, you keep the hair, no, you tweeze it away — but you can have a maybe moment when you trim. Trimming allows you to retain the hair in the follicle, undamaged. If your eyebrows are curly, it helps you make them look more groomed and it helps you go longer between professional shapings. Trimming just tidies them up.

Also, if you layer the hairs when you trim them, you can end up with hair that lies down a lot better, and you’re utilizing the length in a more appropriate way to cover gaps.

First, brush your eyebrows up with a spoolie. For the process, use a very precise, sharp scissor that doesn’t have a curve. Comb the brows up and trim one hair at a time, downward at an angle. Never trim more than one hair at a time and don’t trim straight across. You don’t want to make them blunt.

Only trim the longest hairs and know you can always trim more, but you can’t put the hair back. Maybe trim each hair 20 percent and then you can go back and do more, nice and slow. The best thing to do is to start trimming more in the first half of the brow and less on the tails because you need that length at the end to not have gaps.

Mistakes to avoid

Never trim down to the nub, you should just be trimming the tip. If your brow curls, trim it at the elbow where it curves, don’t trim it much lower. People often think when they trim their brows, it’s not a commitment and the hair will grow back right away. This is not the case. Your brows grow, rest and then shed. Without even knowing it, you could be trimming rested brows that are done growing. Instead of them growing back longer you have to wait for that hair to shed and for a new hair to come in.

Best tricks for making eyebrows look flawless

Embrace your products — everybody should have clear brow gel as it helps you manipulate your length, and you want to befriend your length. Only tweeze –– no wax, no thread — it’s more artistic and it addresses one hair at a time. If you’re a brow novice, use a powder to fill in your brows, if you’re more of a pro, use a pomade, and if you’re on-the-go, use a tinted gel. Don’t go crazy, don’t overwork your shape. Embrace the flaws to look flawless.