Toll for trucks to cross Sheikh Jaber Bridge

According to a press release from Public Authority for Roads and Transportation (PART) on Monday, truck drivers will have to pay a toll for using Sheikh Jaber Bridge starting tomorrow.

PART said truckers will have to pay at the entrances in Shuwaikh, Doha and Subiya areas, and the fees for the transit of trucks across the bridge will be KD one per ton of the truck’s total weight. Truckers should comply with the compulsory route to the truck weighing station to pay the transit fee through bankcards or prepaid cards, as cash payment is unacceptable.

Kuwaiti Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Housing Dr. Jinan Ramadan said that PART set up controls for the use of trucks in order to maintain the safety of the bridge and citizens, pointing out that the expected revenues will be used to cover part of the cost of maintenance and operation, implementing periodic inspection and supervision. The process of weighing and the payment of fees will be done at the stations for weighing the trucks before entering the bridge to ensure the flow of traffic. To avoid paying the fees, trucks will force to use road 80 and then route 801 to reach the northern region.