Traffic point system penalizes drivers for multiple infractions

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) announced the implementation of a traffic point system to deal with errant motorists who flout the traffic laws and commit traffic violations. According to the circular, the tougher policy includes handing out prison sentences to citizens and residents for accumulating traffic points for repeated traffic violations, especially severe traffic violations that lead to loss of life or property.

Expatriates face immediate deportation for driving under the influence of alcohol, or driving without a license, as well as when they reach the maximum point for breaking the red signals or speeding.

In recent months, the MoI has been applying the strengthened traffic laws against violators, meting out punishments such as impounding vehicles and temporarily withdrawing driving licenses to those caught flouting the traffic laws.

Under the traffic point system, here is the breakdown of points as follows:

Four points are added to your file for the following traffic violations: crossing the red signal; crossing the maximum speed; driving against the flow of traffic on highways and ring roads, and driving a heavy duty vehicle while holding a light driving license.

Three points are added to your file for the following traffic violations: driving a vehicle with a prior suspended license; reckless driving, committing a disgraceful behavior while inside the vehicle or for allowing such an action to happen, driving unlicensed vehicle, and driving without a numbers plate. Also, drivers will be held accountable for driving a vehicle with number plates delivered by the Traffic Department, but its numbers were changed partly or wholly; or whose number plates was not delivered by the Traffic Department, and the original numbers were either written or changed. For giving false information in order to unlawfully obtain some documents like a vehicle license, driving license, learning license. Using a private car to transport passengers. Finally, hindering or obstructing the traffic flow on purpose.

Two points are added to your file for the following traffic violations: driving a vehicle with faulty brakes. As a vehicle owner, you permit your car to be driven by a driver who does not have an appropriate license or no license at all. Driving a vehicle whose metal plates numbers are not clear or unreadable; driving a vehicle with one number plate; or whose color and shape has changed or placed in the wrong place of the car.

One point is added to your file for the following traffic violations: Driving a vehicle without permission, or with expired permission, or in violation of a given permission. Declining to show your vehicle license or driver’s driving license to the police.

This is with regards to transport vehicles; drivers will be penalized for exceeding the allowed cargo for transport vehicles. If your transport vehicle is in violation in terms of the dimensions, length, width, height and weight.

Driving a vehicle with disturbing sounds, or driving a ‘smoking’ vehicle that emits a foul smell. Driving a vehicle with volatile or combustible cargo that may violate health and road safety standards.  Driving a vehicle with materials dropping on the highway that can be dangerous, driving a defective vehicle or one with defective tires that may leave it unbalanced.

For regular motorists, the following violations carry a penalty of one point each — using lamps, magnifying sound or warning instrument not allowed by the law. Causing damage to traffic signs, traffic lights, control equipment; or changing their features, places, directions, or covering them with stickers. A failure of the  driver to follow the road lines or traffic signs, driving over roads abutment, turning around or entering in the opposite direction of the traffic, driving a vehicle without a valid insurance policy and replacing a major part of the vehicle.