Travel agencies in talks to maintain IATA accreditation

The Kuwait Travel and Tourism Association (KTTA) is reportedly holding discussions with International Air Transport Association (IATA) to resolve the accreditation issue of some travel agencies in Kuwait that were affected by the decision of third-party insurance service providers to withdraw their coverage.

In a statement following the discussion, IATA said it was working closely with KTTA to ensure that travel agencies in Kuwait are able to retain their accreditation with the international travel association.

Nearly all of the 131 agencies affected by the accreditation issue have resolved the issue and currently, only 39 are still pending re-accreditation, said IATA. We continue to engage these agencies to consider alternative acceptable forms of financial security as stipulated by industry resolutions and alternative available accreditation models, added IATA in its statement.

There are a number of options available to affected agencies in addition to providing bank guarantees that may be less burdensome. IATA encourages the impacted agencies to reach out to IATA’s customer service or to KTTA to find acceptable solutions, as there are a number of options other than providing bank guarantees that may be less burdensome to the affected agencies, said IATA.

The international association pointed out that as the administrator of the industry’s global settlement systems, it had the responsibility to protect the integrity of the system by safeguarding the money of all participating airlines.