Twaif Bakery

A quaint pastry bar with a range of sweet delights such as pudding, bon bons and cookies, the Twaif Bakery showcases a range of pastries that include Kids Coloring, Arabic Letter Cookie Cake and English Letters Cookie Cake.

Other beautifully presented desserts range from Lotus Bread Pudding and Small White Pudding Cup to the Kinder Bread Pudding.  A highlight is the Cheesy Chocolate which is a delectable combination of cheese and chocolate.

Enjoy the rich Bon Bon confectioneries with flavors such as sugar, mini sugar donuts or kinder.  Just as good, if not crunchier are their signature cookies, particularly the Original Cookies, Kinder Twaif Cookies and the Flavorful Mix Twaif Cookies. Also, giving you a rich, flavorful taste explosion is the Nutella Double Chocolate Cookies .  You will probably not find a more delectable variety of chocolate-filled pastries elsewhere.

Popular dish: Nuttela Nitfa Cookies
Location: Al Qiblah, Al ‘Āşimah. Call: 99307010