A Thai restaurant that boasts amazing menu items filled with variations on Thai cuisine from noodles to stir fry and curries. They also offer Thai classics such as Tuk Tuk Sliders, Thai Lettuce Wrap and Crispy Calamari.

The three delights under Stir Fry section are Pineapple Chicken, Pepper Beef and Coconut Shrimp, each with their unique savory taste. Meanwhile, other tasty dishes like the Green Curry, Red Curry and Yellow Curry add piquancy to your selection.

Also rated very high for its flavors and appealing texture is the One Plate option that offers, Cashew Chicken, Spicy Beef, Lemon Shrimp or Massaman Bowl, which each very distinctive dish achieving a balance of tastes reminiscent of Thailand cuisine. Satiate the fire after the abundant meal by relishing some Thai desserts either Mud Cake or Sticky Rice with Mango, each rich in their own way.

Popular dish: Massaman Bowl

Location: Located at Kuwait City. Call: +965 22260848