UN seminar praises diplomatic services by Kuwaiti women

A seminar on the theme ‘Role of Kuwaiti women at the United Nations for security and peace’, was held on 17 October at Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah headquarters (the UN House). Members of the diplomatic corps, as well as special invitees, attended the event, which saw speakers discuss the significant role played by Kuwaiti women serving in the diplomatic corps.

Assistant Foreign Minister for the Cabinet, Ambassador Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah, noted Kuwait’s particular concern for the development role of women and co-leadership of the society. He pointed out that Kuwaiti women have proven their ability in politics, economics and development, and mentioned that they were the first, at the regional level, to attain education and jobs, in addition to assuming key decision making posts.

Highlighting the Kuwait Constitution supports gender equality and women empowerment, and (Article 29) states that human beings are equal under the law in terms of duties and rights, Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Nasser Al-Mohammad noted that a large number of women have recently applied to be enrolled in the diplomatic corps. He revealed that the ratio of female job seekers in the diplomatic sector were higher than male aspirants by 80 percent.

Pointing out that Kuwait development strategy (New Kuwait 2035) also supports the approach of women’s empowerment, he expressed his hope that many young women would follow the ranks of those who have occupied senior diplomatic posts, including Ambassador Nabila Al-Mulla, and Assistants to the Foreign Minister, Amal Al-Hamad and Reem Al-Khaled.

Speaking to the gathering, Director of Saud Al-Nasser Diplomatic Institute Abdulaziz Al-Sharekh affirmed the growing role of women in the diplomatic sphere.

For her part, retired Ambassador Nabila Al-Mulla praised the UN efforts for establishing global peace, and pointed out that the settlement of disputes is a part of Kuwaiti culture that has been adopted by the people since a long time ago and portrayed in the country’s foreign policy.

Leila Bakr, the regional director for development coordination at Arab states, lauded the distinguished pre-emptive diplomatic efforts of Kuwait and the noticeable role of women at this level.