Uprooted bachelors seek shelter in Salmiya

Families residing in certain areas of Salmiya are protesting against the recent arrival of a large number of bachelors to the area.

They point out that bachelors uprooted from Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, as a result of the Municipality’s crackdown on singles living in residential areas, have moved en masse to Salmiya, especially in and around Block 12, which is disturbing family life in that area.

Salmiya residents complain that incidents of thefts and attempts to infringe on the homes of families have increased since bachelors moved into the area. They point out that the presence of bachelors in neighboring apartments make the atmosphere unsafe for families, and that some of the bachelors who are truck drivers have parked their heavy trucks and other commercial vehicles in space previously used by families to park their cars.occupied by family cars occupied space and parked their commercial vehicles in residential areas.

Meanwhile, Kuwait Municipality employees are continuing their cleanup in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and have been posting warning notices on the walls of violating properties, giving the owners a week to clear out bachelors living there or face electricity cuts.