Very serious dangers affecting Arab nation – Arab Parliament Speaker

Arab Parliament Speaker Meshaal Al-Salami Addressing the Arab Parliament third session of the second legislative term.

Arab Parliament Speaker Meshaal Al­Salami on Tuesday warned of very dangerous challenges affecting the Arab nation citing in part hardships of the Palestinians who have been deprived of aid and their territories “confiscated.”

Addressing the Arab Parliament third session of the second legislative term, held at the Arab League headquarters, Al­Salami said the Palestinian cause had witnessed complex and dangerous developments. He alluded in particular to inter­Palestinian divisions, halt of humanitarian support, judaization of the Holy City Jerusalem, “confiscation” of lands, incitement against the Palestinian National Authority as well rising negative role by some “regional powers.”

“The situation has worsened to the extent that these powers negotiate among themselves at public meetings on determining destiny of some Arab states and the Arab world (nation) stands idle, not only so, it stands as a spectator,” Al­Salami said, referring to mounting intervention in the Arabs’ affairs by these “powers.”

The Arab Parliament third session of the second legislative term.

He reiterated rejection of Israel’s scheme to alter the legal and historic status of the occupied Arab Syrian Golan heights. Some Arab media outlets continue to instigate peoples “to oust Arab regimes with no consideration to consequences such as lack of security, disintegration of communities, looting the wealth and annihilating the accomplishments,” he added.

As a remedy, he renewed the call for Arab unity on the basis of unity of the Arab peoples and states’ destiny, alluding to a document for bolstering the solidarity and facing the challenges, due to be submitted to the Arab Summit in Tunisia. He lauded Saudi Arabia’s decision to establish “the entity of Red Sea States” and reiterated full support for the Arab coalition for defending the legitimacy in Yemen.

Al­Salami re­asserted rejection of the “hateful terrorism” which has targeted sanctity of the Arab states, called for backing less developed Arab countries and congratulated Egypt for the president assumption of the top position at the African Union for 2019.

The Kuwaiti delegation at the session included MPs Dr. Mohammad Al­Huwailah, Khaled AlOtaibi and Askar Al­Enezi. The general session witnessed Al­Huwailah taking the oath as a member.