Brimming with authenticity and showing an astute familiarity with preparation of traditional dishes, Wakame offers a new take on Japanese cuisine. Start off with salads like Goma Wakame or a tasty soup like Kani Tama, then savor a Nigiri Sushi such as Shake – Salmon Nigiri or Ebi – Prawn Nigiri. There is also Salmon Tataki served in miso mustard dressing that is quite enticing.

Teppanyaki options include Salmon Teppanyaki and Chicken Teppanyaki while the Teriyaki section includes Chicken Teriyaki and US Beef Tenderloin Teriyaki, which is glazed with a special in-house teriyaki sauce.

Other dishes that elevate the dining experience at Wakame are the Sashimi and House Rolls with Sashimi options including tantalizing salmon or prawns, while the must-try in House Rolls are Fried California and Cappuccino Maki.

Popular dish: Salmon Balsamic Teriyak
Location: Avenues, Al Bedaa and Mahboula.