Wearing chandelier earrings

Chandelier earrings are one of those style classics that every woman believes is a must have in her jewelry collection. Here are some basic tips to make the most of those sparkling dangling beauties on your ears.

Choose your look: There are several kinds of chandelier earrings so pick a pair depending on the look you’re trying to achieve and for the occasion. Junk jewelry made of cheaper metal is usually better for casual occasions and looks. They also do well if you’re going for the always in fashion Bohemian gypsy look. On the other hand, earrings made of gold, silver or any precious metal or even adorned with stones are better suited to a more formal occasion.

Professional touch: There are very few pairs of chandelier earrings that would be suited for a professional environment, so it’s best not to wear them to work. They are far too dazzling.

Lengths and shapes: With chandelier earrings, the longer the better. Long is definitely beautiful but such earrings should definitely never ever be longer than your neck, or you could end up looking like you’re being dragged down by the weight of your earrings. Also, if you have a broad, round face, wear slimmer chandeliers and avoid ones with a broader base because they only seem to make your face look broader and rounder. If you have a thin face, balance it out with broader earrings in exactly the opposite way. And remember, if you have very short hair, don’t wear earrings that fall too far below your jaw line otherwise it just seems disproportionate.

Wearing jewelry with long hair can be tricky. Unless you choose a style that keeps the hair out of the face and behind the ears, chandelier earring can be ‘swallowed’ by the mane. Wear your hair in an updo, and pick earrings that are bold and sparkle.

Colorful gemstones:  Chandelier earrings are meant to be statement pieces so don’t shy away from color. And if colorful gemstones are not your thing then a clear stone will make you shine just as bright. If your outfit does not have any popping colors then add the wow factor through your chandelier earrings. Multicolored earrings look fantastic with black pants and white shirt combo. For your casual distressed black jeans and white blouse, you can rock the larger pair of earrings. For more formal attires stick to a shorter narrower design with a maximum of 2 colors.

When you are wearing a white dress, opt for statement pieces in a single color. Softer hues like aquamarine gemstones or a pastel pink will create a romantic look.

For any other solid color dress, tone it down with a clear stone. A little black dress with diamonds is a classic combination that will never go out of style. Your gorgeous red dress is extra sexy with clear stone chandelier earrings.

Other jewelry:  As chandelier earrings are pretty dressy, you don’t need to wear any other pieces of jewelry. You could wear a matching bracelet or a ring at the most. However, definitely avoid a neckpiece at all costs if you don’t want to resemble a Christmas tree. Wearing a statement necklace with flashy earrings will be an overdose of bling. Let the focus be on the beautiful chandelier earrings.

Different materials:  There are chandelier earrings with other materials like beads, feathers, wood or tassels. These styles are unique but are easily styled wrong. These materials should only be reserved for your casual looks. Let’s try to be specific. The tassel earrings in a bright color should only be worn with a simple all black outfit. Beads only look good in a darker solid color and only as an accent in your jewelry pieces. The same applies to wood.