Weekend weather to be hot, and moderate at night

A forecaster has predicted that Kuwait’s weekend weather is likely to be hot by day and moderate at night, as temperature is most likely to be high due to seasonal Indian depression.

Temperature degrees are often normal at this time every year, but associated with scattered clouds on some areas in the country, Abdelaziz Al-Qarawi, a forecaster of Kuwait Meteorological Department, told KUNA.

He said on Thursday, the weather tonight, will be mild with variable light wind hovering between six and 22 km/h, with low temperature coming between 23 and 25 degrees Celsius, expecting 1-2 feet light see wind.

As for Friday, scattered clouds will appear gradually at daylight and there will be variable light moderate northwesterly wind, while night weather is expected to be fine with variable light wind, he added. Saturday’s weather is forecast to be hot and partially cloudy with variable wind, but it is likely to be mild at night, the Kuwaiti forecaster concluded.