Why Kuwait is limiting only 15-minutes on religious sermons

Religious authorities have issued an instruction for mosques in Kuwait limiting the duration of the Friday sermon to only 15 minutes due to the summer heat.

The Ministry of Awqaf made these instructions because worshippers sometimes have to perform the prayers in the open space due to overcrowding inside the mosque, mainly in residential areas.

The ministry also ordered the sermon run for a maximum of 10 minutes in mosques located in border areas where temperatures are usually higher.

Kuwait has been sweltering in a heat wave that is expected to continue through the summer months.

The country recorded this month the world’s highest temperature with 52.2 degrees Celsius, according to local media.  In another attempt to mitigate the effects of the intense heat on residents in Kuwait, the government is enforcing a seasonal midday ban on outdoor work in the summer heat that is in effect from June until the end of August, peak months of the summer in Kuwait.