World Economic Forum on MENA concludes its work

The World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa concluded sessions on Sunday, during which participants discussed several issues under the theme of “Towards Building New Cooperation Systems.” The forum, which was attended by Kuwaiti Finance Minister Dr. Nayef Al-Hajraf and Governor of the Central Bank of Kuwait, Dr. Mohammad Al-Hashel, along with about 1,000 officials from 50 countries, dealt with four main themes over two days.

The themes included Building a new economic model, managing a suitable environment for the Arab world, reaching a common ground in a multi-polar world and the industrial revolution in the Arab world. During the forum, 32 sessions were held on several topics related to the new standards of public education, geographical distribution of banks in the region, new health care platforms, investment in human resources and cyber risk management. Participants highlighted globalization and the role of technology in tackling corruption and shaping the future of tourism in Jordan.

They also discussed the issue of peace and conflict in the region, new energy in the Middle East, prospects for geopolitical situation and fifth generation developments in communications. They discussed water challenges in the region, the role of women in economic development, the importance of data, the future of smart cities, the redistribution of responsibilities and tasks in the region, the future of Islamic banking, solid waste management and reconstruction in the region, environmental leadership and the design of modern industry.

The forum sessions witnessed general discussions on energy and natural resources in a number of Arab countries, as well as discussing the status of the Middle East, Asia and Europe in a global context.