Zouhour El Ward

At the restaurant, it is all about healthy and nutritious traditional Lebanese cuisine. Satiate your appetite with the variety of Lebanese dishes, starting with the Cold Mezzah including the Zouhour El Ward Trio, Beetroot Hummus and Pistachio Eggplant. Breakfast options are quite substantial with appealing options such as Foul, Balila and Mesabaha.

Before you know it, you find yourself enjoying the Main dish section featuring Mediterranean Salmon, Grilled Shrimp Skewers and Hibiscus Lamb Chunk. Much of the appeal lies in its well-cooked dishes that retain the authentic Lebanese flavors. Other options for feasting is the reliable Tawook Platter Red, Mix Grill Platter and Grills Combo Platter that are very filling. Other good portions can be found in the range of sandwiches including Tawook Sandwich, Chicken Shawarma Sandwich and Beef Shawarma Sandwich.

You will also want to try the Aromatic dishes with choices such as Aromatic Lamb Beans Stew, Aromatic Lamb Okra and Aromatic Creamy Chicken Pesto that are richly spiced. Complement your meal with Salads such as Lentil Potato Salad, and Chicken Avocado Salad.

End your meal with a satisfying dessert such as Pistachio Pana Cotta Tart, Chocolate Cheesecake and Flavored English Cake

Popular dish: Duo Quinoa Salmon
Location: At 360 Mall, Zahra. Call: 25309511