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Fareed Abdal – A Solo Exhibition

In this new body of work, Abdal culls a cohort of characters from a number of Eastern mythologies. Ten figures are made visible through interlocking Arabic letters, sometimes revealing words and fragments of poetry. Berber-like, the pieces combine flat and raised weaving techniques, and have a palette of 5 or 6 colors at the most. […]

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The Sultan Gallery Subhan, Kuwait,

Haa-Jassim Meraj exhibition

Experience the visionary journey of the letter Haa and join us for the first solo exhibition dedicated to Jassim Meraj under the title “Haa - Can a single letter without a text be a means of expression?” Through this exhibition of 40 works of art, ranging from paintings, drawings, and sculptures, the artist aims to […]

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Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre Shaab, Gulf Road,

A Hundred Soldiers Somersaulting Aseel Al Yaqoub

This film is the result of four years of research looking into the history of Kuwait from 1961 until the present. It attempts to draw a messy and complex narrative into focus using existing archival footage. In doing so, it raises questions on whether a consistently threatened nation should focus on peaceful diplomatic efforts, strengthen […]

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Contemporary Art Platform, Shuwaikh Industria, Al Asimah
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Sadi 2020

From the spinning and twisting of the fleece, the sway of the warping threads, to the beat of the weavers’ hands on their loom, the art of Sadu is full of rhythm. Join us this January 18th for the opening of the SADI exhibition at Sadu House to see how 5 artists explored the capacity […]

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Sadu House Arabian Gulf Street, Kuwait City, Al Asimah, Kuwait,

Bey2ollak Stand up comedy show

Bey2ollak Stand up comedy show. A live stand up comedy show at The medical professions theater - Jabriya? No, That's not the punchline. In fact, there's nothing funny about this cutting-edge comedy show that offers some of the biggest names in comedy. Starring: - Salah ElDaly - Mina Nader - Waleed Abo AlMagd - Shaikha […]

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Kind Tunes

Let's be honest it's hard not to react to all the tough times and be nice 24/7. Hate is heavy and we at Be Cafe, Ox Adventures and Goodwill Tribe, believe that music and rhythmic words connect souls and helps us experience a more peaceful life. So let's come together, chill, have fun, indulge in […]

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Be Cafe,

Shurooq Amin exhibition

Symbolism and allegory, history and poetry, politics and society, all interlace into one story. The works in this series reveal a two-year journey that explores how the private and public play on each other back and forth within the tiny seed of our ancestors that nestles inside each one of us, just like the Russian […]

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Contemporary Art Platform Shuwaikh Industria, Al Asimah, Kuwait,

‘MAK CHAMPION TROPHY -2020’ , Volley Ball & Throw Ball Tournament (Season 4)

Mogaveers Association Kuwait (MAK) Affiliated to Indian Embassy Kuwait, proudly announces ‘ MAK Champion Trophy 2020’ a National Level Volley Ball (Men) & Throw Ball (Women) tournament on 25 February at the American International School Maidan Hawally, Kuwait for all Indian Nationals. MAK invites all Throw Ball & Volley Ball enthusiasts to this sporting extravaganza. […]

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American International School Maidan Hawally,